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Strategic Planning

  • Mission and vision building and introduction to strategies to obtain buy-in throughout an organization

  • Identification of critical issues through interviews and environmental analyses

  • Creation of long-term Strategic Objectives and short-term strategies

  • Implementation of action steps and development of tools to measure accountability and provide feedback

  • Collaboration and hands-on guidance throughout the process to ensure success

Accounting &  Finance Support

  • Financial planning & analysis

  • Accounting cycle evaluation and process improvements

  • Creation of budgets, forecasts and key business indicators to monitor financial health

  • Accounting and Human Resources policy, procedure development and documentation 


  • Collaboration with ownership and executive team to recommend strategic and timely decisions for ensuring long-term sustainability

  • Preparation and analysis of budgets, forecasts, key business indicators and business trends

  • General Accounting (A/P, A/R, Payroll, reconciliations, month-end closing) supervision and execution

  • Management of strategic relationships (with banks, insurance and benefit providers, vendors, customers)

  • Human resources management and administration over benefit plans
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